Welcome to Ramat Polytechnic E-Registration Portal

Dear students, the registration process is streamlined and seamless. Get clearance and proceed with your registration

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send message at registrations@ramatpoly.edu.ng

About the Portal

Ramat Polytechnic E-Registration portal converts a
general-purpose students registration activities to an electronic system that provides students with a speedy, supple gateway to personal information and essential school services.

The portal is a secure website, designed for use by presently enrolled students of the Polytechnic. You are expected to log in to the portal with your E-Registration card number and pin code.
Simplicity, ease of use, responsiveness and hitch-free is all we intend to deliver with this new portal.


  • If you are a new applicant, get your Admission Letter by carrying out all necessary clearances
  • Proceed to the Department of your approved Programme of study, get a
    clearance form and proceed to your respective Local Government Clearance Officers for your Indigeneship clearance
  • Proceed to the ICT Centre for registration clearance and payment Reference No.
  • Go to any bank, make payment and get back to the ICT Centre for verification of payments and login credentials
  • You can then come back to the portal to login with your pin code
  • You can proceed with the rest of the Registration from there, if you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact the ICT Center or email: